Dare say

Дождь бежит не как время бежит как дождь
I dare say that we have enough patience for a few more years
Of endless shaking, weak-minded helmsmen and playin` by ears.
I dare say that we won`t have to pay for all this leapfrog
Of public opinion, jumbled belongings and incredibly tough fog

Of common misconceptions.

I dare say that we will still be alive and will not be lame
The next year, and maybe even a month after. Wnen we became
So bloated, overweight, but still empty, simple and pert?
I do not think I`ve said too much, I don`t think that I blurt

This well-known secret.

Dreams of Judah initially smelled of something political. Or am
I mistaken? History will judge us, my friend. But it`s a.t.m.
We`ve strayed from the topic, but it is not so much my fault
As the Magi and Saints. I`ve a feeling of judgement by default,

Because we`re going nowhere.

2010-11-08 в 21:12 

when did we become...
I don't think I have said...
I don`t think that I have blurted out...
smelled of или smelled like