Дождь бежит не как время бежит как дождь
It`s 7 o`clock, and I`m brushin` my teeth.
The man in a mirror says my hair wreath.
It`s terrible morning, I have a heartburn
Considering this plague, I have to adjourn
Seizure the world and a trip to the barber.
So now I`ll relax and sit in grape arbour.
It`s 7 o`clock, and something gone wrong
On my damn way. So I wrote this bad song.
For you understand the world is much bigger
Than all of your dreams. But beg my rigor.
I do not want to bother you over trifles,
Insist on nothing, you may live your lifes.
You may scratch yourself and cut your nails.
Go on, I wont judge you, I`m not the scales.
It`s 7 o`clock, and the world really sucks.
It`s good I relaxed when it`s time to relax.
It`s terrible morning, I don`t want to go out.
Would it be matter, if I shout it loud.

It`s 7 o`clock, and I`m brushin` my teeth.
Consider this, because the world`s underneath.